Monday, December 06, 2004

Meeting the VB.NET Team

I got the opportunity of meeting Steven Lees and Alan Griver of Microsoft in a session that was arranged for the VB developers of our organization. Though I am a C# developer I got this chance because I am a .NET professional. To be right I generally don't appreciate VB much, but after today's session on VB to VB.NET migration and a session on VB.NET 2005, I think I have started to think something positive about VB. :-))

Great good RAD features demonstrated again. But one thing that I greatly appreciate about VB.NET 2005 is the "My" class that is not there for C# developers. That is really a good thing that reduces much coding on File operations, app config access etc. C# developers are surely missing it.


vj said...

Check out the TagBoard for links to posts on using "My" in C# - Vijay

Sudhakar said...

Hi Mahalax,

This is regarding the next generation DVDs. visit:
Toshiba announces HD-DVD / DVD combo disc

Mahalakshmi Natarajan said...

Yes Vijay, I read that post, didn't miss it. But C# doesn't have the direct support, nevertheless we have work-arounds like this.

Mahalakshmi Natarajan said...

Hey Sudhakar, thanks yaar. That was really interesting.

Sudhakar said...

Mahalax, It seems a real good battle going on between the next generation HDTV DVDs.
Read this too "The Battle Of The DVD" to find out how many Film studios back HD DVD and how many Manufacturers support Blu Ray.

Vijay said...

Why should you actually include a C# version of a library that already exists in VB.NET ?? The whole point of .NET is to provide a framework to build different modules in different languages and to integrate them all under one platform right ??

Like the article mentions, just add a reference to the class library and rock on. Don't see if this is a big disadvantage for the C# developers.

Just my 2 cents on the topic.