Friday, December 10, 2004

The Battle of the DVD

Further to my post on BluRay-The next Generation Optical Disk I got updates from Sudhakar on the HD-DVD/DVD Combo Disc released by Toshiba. Seems like there a tough competition between the two technologies Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, a battle between the two rather. Read the complete story here...

Thanks to Sudhakar for the links.


Sudhakar said...

Thanks for mentioning my name in ur post. I am honoured!!!

Sudhakar said...

One more update found at "Hooray for Blu-Ray!"Sony's upsides:
1. Got many manufacturors in its side.
2. Bought MGM's collection of movies.
3. Disney is in its side.
4. Blu ray is better in terms of storage capacity.

Sony's downside:
1. Since its a production company by itself, many other film companies are backing the other side HD DVD format.

Sudhakar said...

Another interesting update here..
Thomson, one of the founder's of Blu Ray technology announced that it will let out a player in 2005 which will support HD DVD too. So both HD DVD & Blu Ray disks will be compatible with that player.
Electronics giant Thomson to introduce HD DVD players in 2005

Sudhakar said...

One more upside for Sony... Sony has its Playstation which can play DVD videos. So next year the Playstations will be playing Blu ray. So people buying Playstation have the advantage of playing Blu ray disks. This will push Blu ray's even further high in dominance.

Mahalakshmi Natarajan said...

Sudhakar, I was just thinking about the competition between Microsoft's XBox and Playstation. Do you have any idea about it?

Sudhakar said...

Mahalax, Don't know much abt the war between PS2 & XBOX. But I think Sony is coming up with regular upgrades on their gaming consoles and they have a good games too.