Tuesday, May 24, 2005

VS.NET 2005 Beta2

I received my VS.NET 2005 Beta2 DVDs which I had ordered online last week. The pak includes VS2005 Team Suite, VS2005 Team Foundation Server and Yukon Dev Edition Evaluation CTP valid for an year.
Yesterday I tried to install Beta2, but the directions said I have to remove my previous 2.0 Beta1 installation. I was not sure... so postponed the installation to this weekend...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Indigo Book on Blog

Scott Seely, Yaniv Pessach, and Brian Nantz are writing a book on Indigo for Addison Wesley and have taken a new approach suggested by Robert Scoble. They are posting portions of the book for public feedback on a blog so that the rest of the world can watch as the book takes shape and to guide the content to the most useful information.While the blog contains a lot of links to Indigo information on the Internet, they have also released portions of book content such as Indigo instrumentation, Indigo configuration, and most recently the first portion of the manageability chapter.Watch the book take shape and get lots of other great Indigo information at ThatIndigoBook Blog.

Via: The ServerSide .NET