Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Locality of Reference & Performance ??

Was just surfing the net and came across this blog entry of Rico


That was a good article to understand Locality of Reference and Performance...!!

GMail Goodness

Last week I got an invitation for GMail. I clicked the link to create my account and to my surprise it gave me an alert when I tried creating a GMail account about the enabled Popup blocker(It opens a new window for singning a new account). Whenever there is an error in sending a mail or performing some action on my mailbox fails, it immediately gives a message alert.

I had this experience with MSN WebMessenger too. It has popup blocker detector that detected my enabled Popup Swatter and informed me about that.

CNUG Meeting last week

There was a session from Chennai .NET User Group last week on Polymorphism by Dhamayanthi N. That was quite a good session.
CNUG also started off a Infrastructure Chapter for IT Professionals called CNUG IT. The inaugaral meet of this chapter happened on the same day at the Chennai Microsoft Regional Office. I spent lot of time on the CNUGIT inaugural session work.
Shu Fen Cally Ko, Regional Director, APACGC, Unmanaged Communities, Microsoft, had come as a special guest for the evening. She talked on Microsoft's communities intiatives and how that will help CNUG & CNUGIT grow.
Abhishek gave us some good info on Community Star and MVP programs.