Sunday, November 06, 2005

Breaking Changes from Beta2 to RTM

MS has published the details of the breaking changes from .NET2.0 Beta2 to the RTM version.
The list goes like this:

Breaking Changes Overview

.NET Framework Version 2.0

  • Threading Cancellation Functionality
  • INullableValue Interface
  • System.Nullable
  • Boxing and Unboxing of Nullable
.NET Client
  • MenuCommands Class
  • Behavior Class
  • ColumnWidthChangedEventArgs Class
  • BindingContext Class
  • DataGridViewRow Class
  • DataGridViewCell Class
  • Client Application User Settings
  • Application Settings Serialization
  • TreeView and TreeNode Classes
  • BackgroundWorker Class
  • MaskedTextBox Class
  • GetPreferredSize Property of Form Controls
  • Windows Forms API Changes
  • CancelRowEdit Event
  • AsyncCompletedEventArgs.Error Property
  • RadioButton.TabStop Property
  • MDI Automatic Merging
  • BindingSource.Items Property

.NET Compact Framework

  • EventArgs Classes
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • XCertificateUI Class
  • System.Threading.Thread Class
  • KeyValuePair Class
  • AssembliesVisibleTo Attribute

System.Data Namespace

  • SqlDataReader.GetSchemaTable Method
  • SqlNotificationEncryptionType Enumeration
  • System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlStreamChars Property
  • SqlDataReader.GetSqlValue Return Type


  • Persian Calendar Class
  • DateTimeFormatInfo

ClassVisual Studio Tools for Office

  • VSTView Interface

Visual C++ Programming Language

  • ATL Server — CAtlHttpClient Class
  • Floating-point Control Word Support Functions
  • Dynamic Cast from Private Base
  • MFC Wrapper for LoadLibraryEx()
  • MFC -bit Message Map Support

C# Programming Language

  • Compilation Error Due to Implicit Conversion
  • Checked and Unchecked Expressions
  • Nullable Does Not Satisfy IComparable Constraint Error
  • Cannot Form a Delegate Over Nullable Error
  • Operator "is" Returns true for T and Non-null T?

Visual Basic Programming Language

  • TypeOf Statement
  • Non-CLS Compliant Return Types
  • Overriding Object Members in Structures
  • Namespaces with Different Casing
  • Implementing MustOverride Methods
  • AppActivate Case-insensitivity
  • AppActivate Right-Hand Title
  • CreateObject Case-insensitivity
  • Zero-Based Collection Object
  • FileIO Enumerations
  • FileLogTraceListener.CustomLocation Property
  • FileLogTraceListener Date Format

ClickOnce Runtime Process

  • ClickOnce Store Change
  • WebBrowser Permissions

Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio Settings
  • Machine.config File Changes
  • Visual C++ Beta Project Open Error
  • Errors When Deploying Device Projects to the Device Emulator


  • Unique Class Names
  • HTML Default Validation Schema
  • Events for Non-Visible Controls
  • ICallbackEventHandler.GetCallbackResult Method
  • ASP.NET Personalization Database Schema
  • Page.CreateStateFormatter Method
  • Aspnet_regiis.exe Utility Argument Change
  • WebPart File Format
  • System.Web.UI.IPageHeader
  • Relative References in the Configuration File
  • Web Project Global Settings and Project Policy Settings
Check the Breaking Changes in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework for complete details. Just went through the document to have a bird's view of the changes, sounds good.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

New Generation MS Certifications

Microsoft has come up with new certifications based on .NET2.0 technologies. Have a look at the details at The New Generation of Microsoft Certifications.

Case Study on Application Development with Whidbey & Yukon

Polaris Software Lab Triples Developer Productivity with Microsoft is a brand new case study that details the company's experience with one of its product Intellect-Collect that was ported to .NET from Java. The case study sounds pretty good. Just have a read and share your thought about it.