Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Implementing STS for Infocards

I have been trying to use Infocards in my WinFX app and had some problems in using them. I was not able to import my self-created Infocards into my identity store. The problem was that when importing the infocard into the identity store, it was checking for the provider address where an STS(Security Token Service) needs to be running which was not the case in my system. Searching for a solution came across this STS implementation in Martin Gudgin's blog.

Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export Plug-In

Michael Swanson has created an Adobe Illustrator Plug-in that exports images to XAML for use in Avalon. With only a few minor color saturation issues, the plug-in is able to faithfully reproduce almost any image from Illustrator into XAML.

Michael Swanson has done a really amazing job. Actually I was searching for a way out to provide a dynamic UI builder for my WPF app and ended up in this plug-in. The plug-in gives out XAML syntax that is compatible with the February 2006 CTP and later (including Beta 2).

Read more about the plug-in here...

Download the plug-in here...