Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Avalon Community Technology Preview Released

Microsoft released a Community Technology Preview of "Avalon," the new presentation subsystem for Windows.

The following are the highlights of this new release though there are a couple of caveates to this release:

  • Support for today's operating systems.
  • Layout and control features.
  • 3D drawing enhancements.
  • Continued refinement.

To read more on this release visit Avalon November 2004 Community Technical Preview.


Sudhakar said...

Hi Mahalax,

Read this link. It may be a li'l vulgar but it is explained all in computer science terms.

Way of the computers ...Sudhakar.

Sudhakar said...

Hellooooo anyone there? I think I check this website more frequently than Mahalax. LOL

Mahalakshmi Natarajan said...

mmmm, that's infact good ;-)
I did visit the link you have posted, what u have stated is true!!!

Sudhakar said...

So when can I expect the next post?