Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Interesting Power Wattage Calculator!!!

With the new components of today, everyone wanting to upgrade to the latest and greatest, it goes unrealized that we might be overloading the power supply in our computer.

With all the high end mainboards, super fast processors, extra hard drives for storage, and case mod items such as LED fans, cathode lights (not to mention all the USB devices hanging off today's PC), people don't stop to think about all the wattage being used. However, the power supply is a very important and often overlooked component.

Check here to see if your power supply is large enough to take care of your power-hungry computer!

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Sudhakar said...

Good thought on SMPS stuff. My PC is an old 450 MHz AMD Machine which is still rock solid and runs Redhat Linux 9.0 with GNOME client and Win 98. Expecting more of ur postings on PCs.