Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hiring Good Programmers!!!

Stumbled over this article Hiring Good Programmers Matters. Was a good read and indeed true... Check it out.

Via: Sudhakar


Sudhakar said...

Thanks for linking me :) But please keep writing.

Sudhakar said...

Did u see M$ & Intel are in favour of HD-DVD now. So Blue Ray DVD is losing market backup. This is an update for the post:

Mahalakshmi Natarajan said...

Yes Sudhakar, recently I read an article on this.

Aswin Anand T.H. said...

hi!! this article "Hiring Good Programmers" was excellent. It inspired me to become a very gud programmer.

Known Stranger said...

hi maha

was checking out your msn blog as that is what i can link and get to understand... this page is tech savy.. and i am a hammering guy you see.. just kidding. wish you shed your thoughts with a public view so as me like lay man can link with your thoughts.